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    • dự đoán xổ số vũng tàu miễn phí

      The St. John’s Junior Hockey League has awarded their player of the month awards for the month of November 2021. St. John’s Junior Hockey League Awards Sportscraft Source...

    • Leafs Loss Will Motivate

      The Toronto Maple Leafs Jason Spezza has said that he doesn’t want to forget last season. Instead, he wants to use it as motivation for the upcoming season...

    • Brendan Shanahan: Tough & Dangerous

      Brendan Shanahan was a tough and dangerous player on the ice during his career. He became a force to be reckoned with during his time as the NHL...

    • Big Brands Behind NHL Sponsorship Deals

      NHL is one of four major sports in North America. Although it lags a bit behind football, basketball, and baseball, it still attracts millions of viewers and lucrative...

    • Huge Effects of Analytics on NHL

      Big Data and analytics are changing the sports landscape. Steph Curry epitomizes this change in the NBA, where the game turned to shooting a high volume of threes...

    • Fitzpatrick Gets NHL Tryout

      Evan Fitzpatrick of St. John’s doesn’t have an NHL contract for next season but the 23-year-old will get an opportunity to try out for the Florida Panthers. Fitzpatrick...

    • St. John's Growlers

      Growlers Reach Lease Agreement

      The St. John’s Growlers of the ECHL have reached a lease agreement with the City of St. John’s that will keep the growlers in Newfoundland. In a news...

    • Auston Matthews

      Leafs Matthews Confident to Win Stanley Cup

      In a recent interview with ESPN, Auston Matthews said that he believes the Toronto Maple Leafs will not only improve and move well beyond the 2020-21 playoff loss...

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    St. John’s Jr. Hockey Standings

    For updated standings for the St. John’s Junior Hockey league, please visit our St. John’s Junior Hockey League Standings page.